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Movable Type Pricing: Getting Closer

I’ve been busy as a bee at MPOW, doing all of that year-end stuff and getting ready to give a talk at LAPL tomorrow, but I caught Library Planet’s post about the new Movable Type licensing structure, which Six Apart had told e-mailed about last night. The new structure is quite generous for personal and small commercial blogs, and they note that you can even do a little Paypal hustling to keep your blog running, as long as it’s not the primary purpose.

However, after reviewing their licensing information for libraries, I wrote Movable Type to say that they were getting very close, but still no cigar. As LP noted, that section begins, “Are you a librarian seeking to run Movable Type at your branch?” Right off the bat, we know they didn’t run this past any living, breathing librarians, since I’m sure by “branch” they mean library. I encouraged them to get familiar with the types of libraries and different library pricing models.

They will get there. It’s a great product. Give MT some encouragement and advice. Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

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