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Nobody Has To Be Nice

Note my follow-up comment

…Not even Matthew Arnold. Jessamyn, returning from Australia, demurs from participating in the PLA blog event, arguing that “Stephen [sic] has the project well-covered and there was talk of a ‘be nice’ agreement that wasn’t my style.” That misrepresents the discussion. We–actually, I–have been encouraging the PLA Midwinter bloggers to discuss blogging guidelines so that this first attempt at blogging doesn’t frighten the horses and other divisions (including the woefully backward LITA, which should be leading this effort) soon follow suit.

Nobody’s writing anything in blood, nobody’s saying we have to be nice. I’m really talking about simple stuff any reasonable blogger does (albeit sometimes with a reminder): fact-checking, revealing sources and conflicts of interest, avoiding ready-fire-aim.

It’s o.k. to do your own thing, but be real, Jessamyn: you like to do your own thing anyway–it’s who you are. Nothing wrong with that! Some of us are just more “ant colony” than others. And excuse me while I go move a few crumbs across the room…

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