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Take That, You Sp*mming Sumb***h

Hah! One minute after I installed MT-Blacklist, it killed its first sp*m:

MT-Blacklist comment denial on ‘Free Range Librarian’.
Author: Takaraka; Email:
String matched: free-online-poker

Assessment: nice, slick interface; carefree maintenance; automatic updates to the list (my bane in the past was keeping this updated). If you haven’t used MT-Blacklist in a while, take a look. Installation added a LOT of files to my MT site but it took less than five minutes to go from victim to Karen G. Schneider, Sp*m Avenger!

I’m still not through with the spam issue. MT-Blacklist includes features for forced moderation, but does not include features for closing old comments. I appreciate Jay Allen’s argument that old posts can generate good discussion. Still, I’m still considering installation of a plugin to close older comments automatically (something that should be built into MT). Internally, I have been deluged with spam, and a closed comment can’t get spammed, period. (So far.)

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