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New York Times Buys a Fishing Rod

I’m bone-weary from three days of work on a major workshop piece due tomorrow–make that today–but here’s some fun reading while I let a post about the California Library Association’s new blog steep in its pot for a day so I can be sure I say what I mean to say, not more or less. (Another benefit of post-dating entries.) Anyhoo… the post I’m trying to tell you about through my brain fog discusses the NYT acquisition of, and it’s on Jay Rosen’s Pressthink. Enjoy.

In terms of upcoming posts, I think I’m dangerously close to writing my minutes about ALA conference, only a month after the fact. Oh, and if you love to read posts from people ticked off about DRM issues, stand by, because before the end of the week I’m going to talk about Overdrive, library licensing, OS dependence, and gosh, just lots of things. I’m just getting my facts together. I’ve got a board meeting Friday so it may get bumped to Monday… but soon you’ll hear me loud and clear on this issue, or my name isn’t Karen G. “how many steps do I have to go through and how many laws do I have to break to listen to a library audiobook on my non-Windows, Palm- or Apple-based handheld device” Schneider.

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