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ALA and E-voting: ALA Returns to Business as Usual

Last year, the first year of e-voting, ALA gave us weekly updates on electoral participation, which I posted on this blog. This year, after several requests for information, we had a post on Council list dated March 24 in which we were assured we’d be updated “next week.” Twice since then I’ve politely requested this information (since on my calendar, at least, we’ve been to “next week” twice with change). These requests, posted to the Council list, have been met with a profoundly deafening silence.

Several candidates have approached me privately to plead for my intervention on this issue. I don’t like to feed the Luddite Lions–“There you go, one more reason not to use e-voting!”–but this has gone on too long now. Is it bad news? Do they even know? And what about all those Councilors who reported not receiving their e-ballots?

Good old ALA: business as usual. I’m a divisional councilor for ALA, a duly elected member of their governing council, a third-term councilor at that, and I can’t get no respect. What does it take? Groveling? A secret handshake? Kneepads?

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