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My “Ethical Blogger”

My piece on blogging and ethics just came out in Library Journal’s NetConnect.

I tried not to be a public scold, and–I hope the article makes clear–I respect my blogging buddies. If my article’s not clear in any way, or you disagree, please share your thoughts.

I was having a hard time this week deciding which blog to highlight, so I’m pleased that the article lists five blogs I enjoy:

Mary Minow’s LibraryLaw Blog, where she wades hip-deep through library law topics and lays it out so mere mortals can grasp the points
Steven Cohen’s Library Stuff, mile-a-minute posts championing all things bloggy
Lorcan Dempsey’s Web Log, thoughtful and erudite, and sometimes dryly funny
Zen-blogger and training guru Michael Stephen’s Tame the Web
Jenny Levine’s well-written, tech-for-the-bibliomasses blog, The Shifted Librarian

Whew, big ol’ week, and with a month left in the semester, big ol’ weekend, too. Off to the gym to freshen my circulatory system so I can get in a good night of writing. (Last night I wrote until about 11 but woke up half an hour later, head down on the desk…)

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