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FRL Spotlight Review: A Bullet Runs Through It

I’ve spent the weekend working on an essay about how the working poor fight our wars. No military writing can be the same, though, after a writer reads Michael Herr’s accounts of Vietnam in 1967-1968, written in country for Esquire Magazine. (I just re-read that sentence, and I know it’s weak, but it will have to stand. My brain is one long, slow blur. It’s all I can do to keep half an eye on The L-Word.)

I had the luxury of being a Cold War warrior. The closest I came to danger was when I was issued a bad holster in an exercise and unknown to me my .38 dangled out of my holster (nothing can make people scatter faster than a pistol with a mind of its own). The Air Force I knew was the one-mistake, supply-side, all-volunteer military. It’s hard to imagine what Vietnam was like. This summer I plan to read the rest of Dispatches (for class this week I read “Illumination Rounds”) and find out.

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