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Survey Ending, Trends Keep Trending

A day before departure, I’m rattling between tasks such as “find sparkly black dress for GLBTRT gala dinner” and “test spell-check and advanced search on hidden server and try reverse sort on internal search.”

Meanwhile, in Blogville, I’m closing this week’s FRL survey at 5 p.m. PT today so I can comment out the survey code and observe any changes on my host resources over the next two days. So do visit the main page of the blog and cast your vote for the literary genre you’d want to be reincarnated into.

Thanks for all the Top Tech Trends submissions–your comments are great. TTT isn’t until this coming weekend, so if you keep adding them I’ll keep watching them. I’ll post to the LITA blog early this evening so we go into the conference with some TTT ruminations, but posts can be added to–changed–etc.

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