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So it was fun…

Yesterday’s presentation was a great deal of fun, and I’ll upload the pictures from my presentation to Flickr Real Soon Now, and on Sunday try to summarize some of the good things I heard from other speakers.

Meanwhile, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling poorly, not sure what happened (something I ate, I’m guessing). I’m not inclined to get ill, so I feel most of all baffled. So I decided to rearrange life today. I put in a full day in the coal mines but stayed in my PJs, drank lots of ginger ale and ate a little sorbet, didn’t do any run-around tasks, cancelled plans to go to the BlogHer dinner, and will spend a quiet evening tweezing an essay and, later, watching the idiot box.

I am so charmed by all the buzz around the forthcoming MPOW–Michael Sauers, Gary Price, and Steven Cohen have had some neat things to say, and we ain’t even done yet! (I want to explain that to you folks, but I can’t get my recent announcements to display! Yeah, yeah, it’s on the punchlist…)

I wish MPOW had a pile of money to implement everything we wanted to do in this phase, including user ratings, roll-your-own-RSS, RSS-by-topic, email search results, etc. (and I’d like to see the design prinked so the announcement box wasn’t below the fold), but I can tell many folks will be tickled plenty to see MPOW take this quantum leap. I for one am SO over its old design–I’ve kept a stiff upper lip, but it is so terribly last-century.

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