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Search Engines Used Every Day

In a report presciently dated 11/27/2005, a day when most of us will spend our afternoon at the gym working off the pie and stuffing, Pew reports that lots more people use search engines these days:

“[A]bout 60 million American adults are using search engines on a typical day. … These results from September 2005 represent a sharp increase from mid-2004. Pew Internet Project data from June 2004 show that use of search engines on a typical day has risen from 30% to 41% of the internet-using population, which itself has grown in the past year. This means that the number of those using search engines on an average day jumped from roughly 38 million in June 2004 to about 59 million in September 2005 – an increase of about 55%.”

I don’t even have anything astute to say about that, except, well, of course. Then, I haven’t said a peep about Web 2.0 because I have not a clue, no, not a teensy clue, what anyone means by that. I am not even through with Web 1.0, and I need to change webs already? Oy, I’m tired! I want to lie down!

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