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Would Jesus be Deported?

His name sounds Middle Eastern, he speaks truth to power, some of his associates are scorned or suspect. My jaw dropped when I read Hoder’s post, but should I really be surprised to see the U.S. Border Patrol refusing reentrance to a Canadian who had been in New York City for one month and had made the mistake of taking a quick trip to Toronto? Can I really be surprised, in a country that has politicians letting young Americans die in a foolish war while shaking their fists because a discount store won’t put up signs saying “Merry Christmas,” that a border agent would ask Hoder, a well-respected blogger and public intellectual, “Why did I go to Iran, what are my feelings about Bush administration, why I separated from my wife, what did I think about Iranian politics, etc.”? The agent used Google to find Hoder’s blog and after seeing what he had to say about the United States and Iran, he told Hoder “these things are not quite appropriate to be on your blog when you are at the border.”

We’ve killed almost as many American troops in Iraq as died in the 1812 War. We can’t prevent terrorism, we can’t even help our own during natural disasters, and our solution to the global warming crisis is to depilate old-growth forests, but we seem fairly competent at evicting North Americans from North America.

If Tiny Tim were here today, he’d have to change his last words in The Christmas Carol to “God help us, every one.”

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