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VA Nurse Accused of Sedition for Criticizing Gummint

As reported in Editor and Publisher, a nurse at a VA hospital in New Mexico has been accused of sedition for criticizing the government’s handling of the Iraq War and Hurricane Katrina.

My goodness, the gummint must be panicked if it needs to start slopping around terms such as sedition–“an insurrection against constituted authority : a tumult caused by dissension, partisan hatred, or discontent”–in order to try to shut up the masses. They’re also going to have to build a pretty large jail cell.

Given that the VA will bear the brunt of this foolish war for decades to come, maintaining the broken bodies of young people who were mangled on behalf of the sins of the current administration, you’d think that the VA might encourage a few tart and well-informed comments from VA insiders. Foot, gun, shoot.

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