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NPR’s Talk of the Nation to Talk Libraries 2/21

Not a heckuva lot of time to announce this, particularly while hearing about it on a holiday morning… but FYI…

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 2/21/06), the NPR show Talk of the Nation will discuss the “Bookless Library.” The blurb states: “Information technology changes as soon we think we understand it. We look at how libraries keep up and redefine their role. How would you design a library for the 21st century?”

TOTN has a phone-in component, so you may want to tune in (by radio or over the Web).

I heard on the radio today that TOTN is soliciting emails on this topic, with subject lines of 21st Century Library. I did not see an email address on the site, but this site has a contact form.

Here’s a bio of the show’s host, Neal Conan.

In NorCal on KQEd, the program runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The schedule currently doesn’t state which hour the show plans to feature libraries, though I expect that to be evident by tomorrow morning.

I don’t know if any librarians were involved in the production of this show… it will be interesting to listen! I plan to blog in a minute.

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