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Vote for Andy Johnson–and Vote for the Roundtable Amendment

I grievously omitted Andy Johnson from my list of endorsements for this year’s ALA election. Andy, who I know from the GLBT Roundtable, is running for what I call the “Kibbles and Bits” Councilor: the person who represents all of the roundtables that do not qualify for a vote on Council.

Meanwhile, please also vote for the Roundtable bylaws amendment. This would help make Council more accountable to the membership by giving more units a voice. For example, though GLBTRT represents over 1% of the membership, it doesn’t have a voice. There are dozens of at-large seats on Council, and having won at-large seats twice and represented LITA for a brief but glorious period, I can testify that it is an entirely different matter to represent a unit’s interests. You have a level of accountability that an at-large councilor doesn’t have. If you think Council needs more accountability, and needs to move in new directions, please vote for this Bylaws amendment.

ALA, please, please update us frequently with the status of the election. Last year you were sluggish about that. Please, think 21st century and engage us with the event.

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