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LITA’s Blogging IG

Spied on Michael Golrick’s blog: “I do see that blogging represents a use of library technology sufficient to warrant a LITA Interest Group, if anyone wanted to start one.”

Thought I’d point out that LITA does have a blogging IG: BIGWIG. (Full disclosure: I co-chair it. Second disclosure: we’re hosting a fab program at Annual. Third disclosure: the “B’ stands for blogging… after that I get a little muddled.)

But we don’t have an association-wide blogging RT. Should there be one? I think critical mass will tell. Would it conflict with a division-level group? Nope. Is it necessary? Well, I seem to recall a certain LITA interest group that despite its official-sounding name, existed (exists? I can’t recall) solely to put on skits… There are worse reasons to form an association-wide unit than “Hey, dude, we like, blog.” (Or even, “Yo, dude, I want to pick up one of those bloggers, heh heh heh heh heh!”) There are even people who meet for hours at every ALA conference just to discuss MARC records! (Ducking very quickly…)

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