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ALA Committee Form

ALA Committee Form

Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian.

So I just remembered someone had recommended me for an ALA committee… dug around for the email… filled out the form, and got to the bottom, which states:

“PLEASE NOTE: ALA will be the copyright owner of any work created for the committee. The undersigned assigns to ALA any ownership rights, including copyrights, of any work created for the committee and releases ALA from any claims relating to ALA’s use of any such work products.”

Whatever happened to “share and share alike”? Creative Commons, anyone? Can ALA not get it through its thick skull that we are ALA? I smell a lawyer.

I am sending in the form–with that section crossed out and a note that ALA and I will co-share copyright. If that’s not good enough for ALA, I don’t need this committee appointment. Otherwise, I’ll settle for this being a “mistake” or “oversight.”

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