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Leslie Burger Wants YOU!

I’m posting the following letter on request of ALA President-elect Leslie Burger, who wants stories of transformation. Champion that inner change agent and send in that story! (You’ll see this posted several places–feel free to copy and share.)


I would like to enlist your help for a very exciting and interactive project that will help transform libraries!

Libraries Transform Communities is the theme I have chosen for my presidential initiative. We know that when libraries are transformed either by new service programs, renovations, or new buildings that the communities they serve are in turn transformed. Part of the initiative is to create a Transformation Tool Kit, which will have tips and ideas for how to transform your library, and stories from libraries that have been transformed.

This is where I need your help, send in your transformation stories and photographs. Explain briefly how your library been changed? How have your library users and community been transformed? The stories and photographs that you submit will be featured on my website,

Send all materials to Romina Gutierrez at as soon as possible.

I hope you share your transformation stories with me and with the library community!

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Leslie Burger

ALA President-Elect

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