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Hiatus of a summer’s eve

Not much of a hiatus, by FRL values, but expect a bit of a pause, more about that later.

In any event, here are some kibbles and bits:

I was quoted defending the First Amendment in the Tallahassee Democrat. (I do like to read newspapers, you know.)

I am quite, quite brain-dead from a delightfully challenging class I attended today on PHP, a scripting language. Lisa Bartle taught the class and did a magnificent job cramming in as much as our swiss-cheese brains could manage. It’s good to get some high-octane training happening in this neck of the woods.

I note a spirited defense of virtual reference over at Library Garden, and I’ll have what Pete’s having. VR works great, when people know about it and when it’s done well (and I have no doubt that in the land of the Garden, VR is done quite well). I have the transcripts to prove it–as a customer, not a librarian. That said, most specialized VR clients–actually, any I’ve encountered–are hideous bloatware that yearns to crash mid-session. It’s the librarian that makes the VR session special, as Pete’s discussion underscores.

Meanwhile, in re “the Internet is a series of tubes,” Joe Schallan on PUBLIB provides an insightful explanation of how the Internet works.

By way of PUBLIB’er Phalbe Henriksen, I have a great post about disaster preparedness–a real post, not for funnin’!–but it will have to wait until I’m more pulled together, as will my post about New Orleans.

Happy July… I’ll resurface soon.

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