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Upgrading away…

I am deep into an upgrade of Movable Type and related plugins. It looks good, but I’m getting funky results when I add or update entries (I have a separate installation–which SixApart said was unnecessary, but I’m now glad I did that), so after a thorough perusal of the documentation and various Googlings, I’ve sent a question to support. That was just in time to observe that the living room fan was being installed low enough to slice ham for a sandwich if we so desired, so I instructed the electricians to shorten the downspout, or whatever it’s called, and so they will.

I had hesitated about writing about speaking because I worried about pointing fingers at the wrong organizations (generally because the most responsible people tend to feel guilty even when they’ve done nothing, while those who should feel some pangs of complicity generally don’t–which is also the problem with writing broad policies intended to correct the behavior of a few).

For example, for the vast majority of talks I give, I know my audience just fine, whether it’s public librarians, special librarians in South Africa, gearheads at LITA, or tech-servicey-kibbles-and-bits at NASIG. I am also not quarreling with the 8 a.m. slot for my NASIG talk, because it’s a Vision talk and you are either into Vision on a Saturday morning or you aren’t. If I were still living in California, I’d push for a later slot, but living on this coast, it’s no biggy. NASIG! It’s good! Beer in cans! Sliced bread! Etc.!

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