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Working on getting the correct “break”

Oh, the bargains this weekend… it was Petite Suit Heaven! A lovely harbinger of my new job.

I am looking forward to the new MPOW… I start tomorrow, sort of, in a soft launch so I can be there for Very Important Activities. Still, when I told the cabinet guy (here to measure for one more cabinet in the kitchen) that I was going back to work after a month off; he said “THAT SUCKS!” I appreciate the sentiment; I hope none of us would work if we didn’t have to. Imagine a life of reading, volunteering in soup kitchens, and gardening. (I think that’s called retirement.) But I had a nice river of time between FPOW and almost-MPOW, and now I’m curious about, intrigued by, and ready for my new job.

I should probably have a tailor hem my pants, just based on the investment of time, but I’ve been sewing for forty years and I just couldn’t help using part of my last day of Freedom to hem three new suit slacks. (I can’t hem the slacks of the fourth suit, which is brown, because my new brown shoes went back-order–don’t get me started on buying dress shoes in size 5–and when you’re my height, the heel height makes a big difference in the length of the slacks.) I don’t know when I’ll get a chance again to fuss with tailor’s chalk and dress pins while the radio rumbles and the cats snooze in the sun. I did a particularly nice job on the slack linings–marked, trimmed, bound the edges, turned and sewed again.

Now I have an emergency email in to a colleague on how deep the break should be–but that’s the very last adjustment; though it’s an important step, it’s still very easy. It’s nice when the last mile is downhill.

The sleeves are just right, which makes sense if you’ve met me. My hands graze the floor when I walk. (O.k., maybe not, but they are proportionately longer than my stumpy little European-Judeo legs.)

A few more errands, a meeting with my new workshop buddy, and an hour or two of reading and TV, and then it will be the end of the last day before the new POW era.

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