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Horizon 8.0 is the New Taos

We’ve been in a cargo cult for several decades, waiting for library software vendors to cure our ills. Not too long ago I met a librarian who with a wan smile told me she was actually “trained” on Taos, the vaporware DRA promised its customers before DRA stopped being DRA.

Now we hear that Sirsi-Dynix has abandoned Horizon 8.0.

Someone asked why anyone cared.

First, there aren’t that many ILS vendors any more, so when one sneezes, we all notice.

Also, the fact that they killed it is significant. Andrew Pace addressed one of the big reasons that yes, it matters: with a viable open source product on the “market,” egregious missteps by ILS vendors generate interest elsewhere.

Oh, and for the record, as grumpy as I am about it, at MPOW we are going to deploy Vista on a group of machines. Not the majority, because most of our workstations don’t have the oomph to support Vista. But despite my grumblings, I’m in that cargo cult, as well.

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