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I did not say…

…That state associations had outlived their usefulness. I’m posting this here, right now, because it’s repeated in two places by “Librarian in Black” Sarah Houghton, who I otherwise admire and whose company I dearly miss. I corrected her on David’s post, but when I saw it crop up again on her own post, I felt I needed to step in.

I have many thoughts on the matter of what state associations can and cannot be for their members, and I could fill a book on my former state association… something I was unwilling to do while I worked in that state, out of simple Darwinian prudence. Perhaps it is time to speak up.

But I wanted to step in right this moment to say “I did not say what it was said that I said,” since a number of people from MPOW are trotting off this very soon to the annual conference of the Florida Library Association–an organization I chose to join for no other reasons than I think it’s good collegial behavior to do so and I hear that LibraryLand benefits from their services. May they have a good conference, may they do good things.

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