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This is why ALA Council is broken

I’ve been explaining for years that ALA Council is broken, and even suggesting how to fix it. If Council is too darn busy to hear from a member on an issue he knows something about, that just underscores everything I’ve been saying.

Aaron Dobbs has run for Council twice, and lost. I look at some of the people who won, and I am sorry, it must be said: it is time to move aside and let some new voices be heard. Aaron has established a wiki to change ALA, and he is planning to run for Council again. I endorse his candidacy for ALA Council and only wish I could run with him.

I have some other comments about ALA this-and-that but I’m waiting for a report back.  I also have a conference “best and worst” post, but today I was working on deadline, and it had to wait. Soon, soon!

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