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“Addy Will Know”: Cute, Funny, Upbeat Song/Game/Wiki about Librarians

Be one of the first 10 people to identify the books of the call numbers mentioned in the song, Addy Will Know, and win a CD by the Indie Pop Band SNMNMNM. O.k., I never heard of them, either, but the mother of one of the band members wrote me to promote this song… and hey, she’s a librarian, and the music is head-bopping enjoyable, and the depiction of librarians feels authentic: not perniciously frumpy or fake-hip, but focused on the way we help people find stuff.

The B-side features their dance single, “I was Hopin’ for Earl, and Then I Metasearch.” (All right, maybe not…)

this is true: the band also invites you to encourage college stations to play “Addy Will Know.” And why not?

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