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My dogma and my car-ma

Over at the Equinox blog I was writing about (in re library software, open source and all that) putting the dogma in the kennel… which I have been trying to do with car purchases as well.

I am realizing that I really just want someone to issue me a car. It’s a big purchase, it’s an important purchase, and yet on some level I secretly yearn for some major government authority to put a car in my driveway so I can just get it over.

Meanwhile I had an absolutely fabu visit with some librarians in Tifton yesterday morning and am now a proud owner of a PINES library card, and dearly want to share pictures with you, but my little fingers have been flying flying flying on the keyboard (and my not-so-little behind has been perched in chairs in various meetings), so I will try very hard to do that tonight.

Finally, I logged in to my blog to see an exhortation to upgrade to WordPress 2.6. Based on previous ready-fire-aim experiences with WordPress releases, all I can say is not on your life. As in the past, I’m waiting to see what happens when other people upgrade, and will then tiptoe out of my foxhole to attempt a WordPress upgrade on a test site. To paraphrase the great bard Bon Jovi, “Shot through the heart/And you’re to blame/You give open source/A bad name.” Well, that doesn’t scan, but you get the drift.

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