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GLBT-friendly accident insurance plans?

For libraries that have offered domestic partner benefits to their employees: does anyone out there have recommendations for accident insurance plans (similar to Aflac, or what Allstate offers) where domestic partners may be covered under their “family” plans? (I work in Georgia, if that makes a difference.)

At MPOW, we interviewed Aflac and Allstate, and at least in Georgia, both companies define “family” as a legal spouse. I’ll make the pragmatic choice — it could be that in the end, once again, I go with a single-payer plan, if I select anything at all, depending on what’s offered, and I’m very glad MPOW cares about this issue — this is the first place I’ve ever worked that has made any effort to offer me DP benefits.

But I’d like to at least talk to a company more enlightened than Aflac or Allstate, and have offered to do the research.

Even if I end up using their services, I’ll never again enjoy those Aflac commercials…

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