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T-Mobile, and Forthcoming Contributor

First, do you live in or around Tallahassee, and use T-Mobile? I ask because I could go on a corporate cell phone (which would be a nice thing, all said) but I’m unclear how good T-Mobile is here in town.

Second, Ninth Letter noted that I am a contributor “forthcoming in Fall/Winter 2008,” which pleaseth me greatly. That’s a while away, and my essay is so topical I worry everyone else will exhaust the issue of gay marriage by then. But in any event, the plug for The Best Creative Nonfiction Volume 2 — now with a grand total of 9 OCLC holdings — was quite welcome.

I’m on the road this week and part of next, but when I’m home I plan to send out a pile of postcards to libraries to encourage them to buy Best Creative Nonfiction. It’s a really easy book to book-talk, and it would make a fabulous reading-group book because you could pick several short essays and have fun with that.

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