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Over the river and through the blogs…

Some linky-links as we head into the U.S. Thanksgiving… and no, that ad from Australia isn’t risque! Those are water bottles, as anyone can see.

Poster Feel-Good Librarian is back with a powerful post about the role of libraries in this economic crisis that should be printed out and slapped on the desks of every state and federal legislator. Get better, Feel-Good.  I’d be hugely flattered to be confused with the likes of your kind of anonymous blogger.

Catching a movie over the holiday weekend? I’ve scratched Cinemark off my list of theaters I’ll attend now that I know that the Cinemark CEO, Alan Stock, contributed close to ten thousand dollars to help pass Prop 8. See the Prop 8 database from, the web portal for the SF Chronicle, to find out who else has been naughty and nice — though tying them to their corporate presence may require a little legwork.

There has been much, much hue and cry about OCLC’s new policy — or really, their clarification about their existing policy, more or less. John Mark Ockerbloom has an elegant series of posts that are worth reading if you’re confused by the issue. He’s partisan, but that doesn’t make his explanation less clear.  For OCLC’s take, listen to this excellent Panlibrus podcast with Karen Calhoun and Roy Tennant.

Hey, ho, SCO’s gotta go! Don’t let the door hit you in the butt!

I listened to the OLE webcast today and was pleased to hear all the comments from Evergreen advocates asking about working with an existing ILS project than diffusing time and talent into another. I heard the word “workflow” used a hundred times in this webcast. But I have been there, done that, got the teeshirt, and I can tell you academic libraries are just not that different, folks. Let’s work together.

Google is laying off lots of folks? Really?  One report estimates up to ten thousand.  That seems extreme, but let’s see how the news pans out.

I know it’s a commercial, but In the Doghouse made me laugh out loud.

On the other hand, this small extension cord–“social hardware,” I called it in this earlier post– is a great Secret Santa gift/stocking-stuffer for your geek or uber-traveler of any gender, and won’t put you in the doghouse with this demographic. I was so happy to have this on my trip to Australia; with one US->AUS adapter, I could charge up EVERYthing. (I see an Amazon review fuming that it doesn’t work with 240V–that wasn’t my experience.) I forgot it yesterday when I went to Panera’s to write, and oh, there was much jockeying around the plug near my table.

Happy Thanksgiving! We are still on track to have oyster stew and pumpkin creme brulee. The idea of cooking a turkey this year reminds me of Joy of Cooking’s definition of eternity as “a ham and two people.” I’ll do a turkey when we have a crowd again — but I may be put off for good by these turkeys featured in this video about our governor from Alaska.

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