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Working backwards from January 1, 2010

So, 2008 was an interesting year. I changed jobs, Sandy resigned from hers, the economy tanked, I saw some writing published, I went to many places, notably Oz, and Obama was elected.  Friends survived cancer and transplants; some had babies; some got married; some moved on.

I don’t want to put too many brackets around 2009. But one year from now, I want to be able to say that…

For my personal writing:

  • I found at least three opportunities to market Powder
  • I finished revising three essays-in-work and started three more
  • I at least muddled through to a first draft of the short story I’m writing (after that, I don’t have to write fiction ever again, if I don’t want to)
  • I kept to a schedule of ten hours per week for personal writing, plus 1 hour per week of writing administrivia, such as submissions and related work — at Chez Panera’s, if need be
  • I submitted essays to literary journals at least twice a month (the acceptances I leave up to a higher power)
  • I took at least one personal writing retreat
  • I kept up my lifelong reading habit

For my professional self:

  • I contributed 3 entries a month to Current Cites (to be a reviewer is to be a reader!)
  • I both mentored and was mentored on significant issues at least twice during the year
  • I established and led a profession-wide project (I have one in mind, more later)
  • I learned at least one new skill that would be broadly applicable to my career for the next two decades
  • I continued to have fun at My Place of Work and to be a good worker

For my physical health:

  • I doubled the “run” part of my daily exercise, currently a little over 1 mile running, 1 mile walking (up from 2 miles walking as of 1/1/2008). Hardly an Olympian workout, but it’s still 30 minutes of weight-bearing exercise that keeps the ol’ badonkadonk in tune.

For my spiritual health:

  • I found a way to connect with a faith community, even if it didn’t mean “going to church” (for example, I checked out Jacob Needleman’s book, Money and the Meaning of Life, and will try to attend half of the book group sessions on this book to be held at St John’s — I feel obligated to make the attempt, since I am hogging the only copy at the library!)

For my family life:

  • I ensured we had “just fun” time out of the house for us every week — a movie, a dinner out, a walk, or something unrelated to errands
  • I continued to support Sandy in her search for a new job, and kept us open to many possibilities
  • I visited each of my parents at least once, and made my sister laugh a few times
  • I connected at least once with every one my “family of choice” friends

For the world at large:

  • I carefully monitored my carbon footprint and my family’s carbon footprint, and took steps to reduce them
  • I participated in national dialogs about economics, social justice, and the environment
  • I reduced our consumption of factory-farmed meat and dairy down to fewer than ten portions per month (also related to the carbon footprint, of course, but also a commitment to humane food production)

For whimsy:

  • I experimented with a hobby I hadn’t thought of before
  • I learned one long, complicated joke and told it successfully
  • I made at least one very complicated dessert I had never attempted
  • I sewed us new Halloween costumes

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