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Out and About, Early 2009

I was invited to something called TripIt, and ok, I’ll give it a shot. But there’s no substitute for the ol’ blog entry on Where I Be for the next several months.

Will our paths cross? Would you like a personal or professional visit?  Is there a spot where I should try to squeeze in a book talk at a bookstore to promote Powder: Writing by Women in the Ranks, from Vietnam to Iraq, or perhaps a library system would like to piggyback in a session of my workshop, Writing for the Web?

ALA Midwinter — Denver — Jan 23-27 — Evergreen has a booth (522), an event (email or comment to get an invite), booth demos (many by the intelligent and posed Shae Tetterton, and two by ol’ me), and much more! Plus I am on a bazillion committees and so forth, as you know from my Midwinter 2009 schedule.

Electronic Resources & Libraries (ER&L) — Los Angeles — February 9 – 12 — I’m presenting on a panel at ER&L, but this includes also a side trip to Northern California to restore my NorCal enzymes. I’m actually arriving in SFO Friday 2/6, driving to LA on 2/10, presenting on 2/11, driving back to SF that afternoon, and flying back 2/12.

Code4Lib — Providence — February 23 – 26 — I luv C4L! I’ll be attending with Mike Rylander and perhaps transporting a six-pack of homebrew for the C4L homebrewing task force to inspect.  The last time I attended C4L I keynoted at the beginning and then locked my keys in my car at the end (not only that, but a tornado was imminent and there I was… waiting for AAA so I could drive away from the storm area…). This time should be comparatively laid-back.

Computers in Libraries — D.C. — March 30 – April 1 — Doing a dog-n-pony panel with three other illustrious Evergreen Women (how that suggests a calendar…) and otherwise enjoying the bonhomie of DC right after the vernal equinox.

British Columbia Library Association — Burnaby — April 16 – 18 — giving a talk and hopefully visiting an Evergreen library. I admit I did a doubletake when I saw their theme; at first I thought it said “Bi curious” (but it’s really “Be curious”). Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Evergreen International Conference (of course!) — Athens, Georgia — May 20-22 — This will be a terrific conference. Joe Lucia has already agreed to be one of the keynoters, and there will be programs, speakers, birds of a feather, lightning talks, a hackfest, breakfast topic tables… and free wifi!

I also will get myself to Atlanta (Norcross) several more times, and I need to pick up the reins and get to a couple more places in the area, as well.

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