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Free Kittens!!

Free Kittens!!

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This September 12 I will be giving a reading at the Babylon Salon in San Francisco. I’m so immersed in my day job that I haven’t sorted out WHAT I am reading, though I think it will be from the essay “Falling In” from the collection Powder. Then again, if the choice is open, maybe I should read from “The Outlaw Bride,” due out sometime soon in “The Best American Nonrequired Reading,” due out October 8?

Yes, I am bragging (again).

Anyhoo, ALA was wonderful as always, I am INSANELY busy, insanely! I say insanely!

If you are attending Evergreen training in Fort Worth next week, or WilsWorld in Madison the week after, then I shall see you. After that, I am due some quiet time and some of it will be writing time, and maybe some of that will even be blogging time.

Meanwhile, do not forget the Free Kittens! (The Free Kittens Are Not Broken?)

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