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My Tech Choices

In short:

* Got an iPhone. Zero regrets. The Barbie Doll I never had. Going from a Blackberry to an iPhone has raised my expectations of mobile platforms and software in general. Already filling it with free apps. Keyboard is kinda lame, but I’m figuring out how to type on it.

* Holding off on the netbook until Windows 7 debuts. This is painful, because it means I absolutely have to finish my presentation before I leave next weekend, but I think it’s good advice. Couldn’t find an Acer with a coupon for a Win 7 upgrade or would have gone that route.

* GPS: between the Garmin with the Olde Mappes and the iPhone with its Kewl Apps, I’m fine for now.

* iPod:  will keep using the one I have until it’s time to get another, and then get something small, just a step above the Shuffle, for exercising. Don’t want to get all sweaty on my iPhone.  May store some podcasts on the iPhone — just enough for long trips, the only time I really listen to an iPod in my car.

Thanks again for all the advice!

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