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My own first-year experience

This won’t be long as it’s another iPhone post. I am delighted to be home again–I have missed California so much that at times it hurt. I know it’s expensive and crowded. That’s because you’re paying the luxury tax of waking up every day in California.

Meanwhile for the first three weeks of my job I have been in OMG-Land. There was a hiatus between me and the last director, and one of the big gaps had to do with the library’s participation in something called First Year Experience. So I humped my way (inelegant but accurate verb) through creating four introductory videos, with the help of all on deck. (the most likely candidate besides me was completely immersed in an important and innovative faculty development project.)

My voice is awful and the videos are a bit of a hack, but I got ‘er done–while developing a short-range strategy, addressing other stuff, etc. It pretty much ate up my first three weeks but I say that in a good way.

So if you haven’t heard from me, my apologies, but i’ve been having a first year experience…

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