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Category Archives: Five Minute Reviews

A Mile Down, and still tumbling

I read David Vann’s A Mile Down early one Saturday morning when I thought I was going back to sleep but didn’t, in one luxurious unstoppable four-hour marathon that meant the cats sulked in the living room because I didn’t top off their food bowls and I was late to some meeting I had sworn […]

Tara Calishain’s “Web Search Garage”

I had a review copy of Tara Calishain’s “Web Search Garage,” but it vanished in a September household move. And sad I was until her book resurfaced, because I know when Tara’s name is on a book that I’m going to like it, and it is all that and then some: fun to read; full […]

ARL Usability Webcast: Brava! Bravo!

I attended the ARL usability Webcast held October 28. Well done! Thanks to Infopeople for negotiating a low-cost price for Californians. The webcast was conducted with a surprisingly light touch, including a few well-chosen cartoons, examples grounded in everyday librarianship (such as library doors with handles that lead users astray), and quotes such as “Know […]

Five Minute Review: EndNote Version 8

ISI repeatedly sent me review copies of EndNote when I wrote for American Libraries, but I only looked at this research and citation product once or twice back then. Now I find myself juggling hundreds of citations for my writing, so I downloaded the demo for version 8 from their site. I had some trepidation, […]