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Category Archives: Gardening Whatnots

The last rose of autumn

This past week we had a visitor in the library who (completely without guile) commented that the library felt very dated and dowdy.  He didn’t use the word “dowdy,” but it hung in the air nonetheless, while I shrank in my seat. I had just finished bragging about how much space we had opened up […]

Mass Media Can’t Even Get Gardening Right

(Update: minor style tweaks. I guess I can’t get my own blog right…) I had just finished taking the picture below of “Harm Saville,” a fragrant, dusky red miniature rose named in honor of grower and breeder Harm Saville (the bud is as big as the tip of my index finger), when a friend pointed […]

Cat in the Act

Cats always have to be the star of the show! Bookmark to:

Do You Grow Roses?

I’m chilling out, post-LSTA. (Almost. Last night I dreamed I had left out a crucial section of the grant, where I should have described how we bus children around Albuquerque, with a continuation plan for supporting this deliverable after the grant period. The grant I submitted supports a Web site–no driving, no cars, and in […]

Name That Rose!

Thanks to the Rose Database, I am fairly sure this isn’t William Shakespeare (although it comes very close). This plant has medium-large fully-double, damask-scented blooms in eye-popping dark pink on a small plant with foliage not much larger than a Susan B. coin. I’d say the blooms are big for the plant, which I am […]

More on that Mystery Rose

Enquiring minds wanted more information about the sneaky stranger in my garden. It’s larger than a paperback book, smaller than the OED. Note: this was an inherited plant. It comes from a garden where a former owner had spent some nice money on good roses. The current owner, a friend, brought over a dozen roses, […]