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Category Archives: Get Real!

Gorman on Bloggers

Do read this essay by ALA President Michael Gorman, in which we learn that the library blogging community is uneducated, fanatical, and obtuse. “[The] Blog People (or their subclass who are interested in computers and the glorification of information) have a fanatical belief in the transforming power of digitization and a consequent horror of, and […]

A Gay-Bashing Weekend

First, the Washington Post takes money to distribute a divisive, homophobic advertorial. Find a summary of the kerfuffle and a link to the drekkish material at “Editor and Publisher”: Next, I learn that last night, 20/20 aired a show challenging that Matthew Shepard’s death was a hate crime, a show called “intellectually brave” by […]

“Let the Healing Begin!”

Didn’t take long, did it? From the NY Times: “House and Senate negotiators have tucked a potentially far-reaching anti-abortion provision into a $388 billion must-pass spending bill, complicating plans for Congress to wrap up its business and adjourn for the year. The provision may be an early indication of the growing political muscle of social […]