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New job, Community Librarian, Equinox, Woohoo!

A quick lunchtime post (written in the wee hours, embargoed until now) since I’ve received email that tells me the press release is filtering out across the Internet’s series of tubes… First, I’m going to miss My (Current) Place Of Work. They are great folks and when I said I was leaving they expressed great […]

Evergreens are particularly nice in winter

Evergreen (the open source ILS software) gives me hope, and I see more “greening” of LibraryLand. So as I shake and shiver through this nasty brain-sucking cold (it’s hard to get creative when I wake up sounding like a vacuum cleaner), here’s yet more link love today! “The pilot group for the Michigan Evergreen project […]

Relevance Ranking and OPAC Records

Caution to FRL readers: this gets a little geeky. If your eyes glaze over after the second sentence, just skip it. A year ago in Techsource I wrote a series about the problems with OPACs, and in the course of it wrote about relevance ranking. I said, quite accurately, that TF/IDF was a technology used […]

My Techsource Post about Dewey

I have to say when I hit “publish” for my Techsource post about post-Deweyfication last night I had no idea it would have 8 comments by this morning. I attribute that to Jessamyn‘s link love, and thanks, gal. As Dorothea over at Caveat Lector notes, the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of the post-Deweyfication of the […]