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Category Archives: Open Source Software

Thinking about Open Source

This Monday, 1:30-3:30 at WCC-146B, I am participating in yet another Ultimate Debate:  “Open Source Software – Free Beer or Free Puppy?”  The event features Marshall Breeding and Stephen Abram, and will be moderated by Roy Tennant. It has a hashtag of #ultdebate, and even John Berry will be there. (Sidebar: Berry, how is it […]

Abram on open source: all I can really say

One of the facts in life is that library administrators take the jobs they take (and this is my fourth head-of-the-whatever library job, not to be confused with my various military MFWIC positions) based on many, many things… and the integrated library system they will inherit is rarely if ever one of them. I just […]

It Takes a Village: Koha and open source leadership

Working for a vendor, it’s been hard for me to figure out how to personally respond to the recent Liblime brouhaha. What is a “personal” response in a world where our private/public lives are so blurred? But I feel this event personally, because it touches on so many things I have written and talked about […]