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Lord bless teh Interwebs

Fridge door handle broken

Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian

I came home from the 9 a.m. service scheming to whip up a special surprise brunch for Sandy. The surprise was on me when a fridge handle snapped off in my hand. I’ve been much better about getting to aerobics classes at the YMCA… yet I still don’t think it was my fault.

Sir Elton John would like to shut down the Web for five years, he tells us. Yet within fifteen minutes I had identified that a door handle is not an uncommon point of failure for Kenmore Elite appliances; located a spare part and a parts diagram; and received solid advice about replacing the handle (since I am trying hard to avoid paying Sears to replace a handle on a six-year-old fridge). Ten more minutes, and I had recorded my gripe on a bulletin board, uploaded a picture to Flickr… and written this entry.

It’s really ok with me if Sir Elton stays offline for the next five years. Me? I’m all about teh Interwebs.

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