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Zero Percent

That’s the number of references to same-sex couples in the Census Bureau’s “Facts for Features” for Unmarried and Single Americans Week 2007 — or for 2006 or 2005, although this information was cited in the Facts for Features for 2004.

(The Facts for Features series is intended for media consumption, and “consist[s] of collections of statistics from the Census Bureau’s demographic and economic subject areas intended to commemorate anniversaries or observances or to provide background information for topics in the news.”)

It’s not terribly hard to find Census data sets that cite such same-sex information as gets reported (and of course, it’s surely underreported; I’m not convinced there are fewer gay people in Alabama and Utah, as the data suggest, but I guarantee you there are parts of the country where Sandy and I are Just Sisters when when passing through — not uncommon practice, either — and the residents may lie low, as well).

If you’d rather read a nicely-crunched assessment of this data, see this Census Bureau PowerPoint based on “American Community Survey Data,” which concludes:

Same-sex unmarried-partner households looked very similar to married-couple households except they had slightly more education and were less likely to have children in the household.

No wonder the gummint wants same-sex households edited out of the Official Story. It’s hard to get excited about the “defense of marriage” when the net impact of the Homosexual Agenda is to raise your property value.

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