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Waving hello to Critical Mass readers

Greetings to those of you following a link from Critical Mass, the blog of the National Book Critics’ Circle. I’m honored to have been able to share my thoughts with you about the future of literary journals.

For those FRL readers who haven’t read that post, I think you’ll find it’s not easily definable. In one breath I argue that we shouldn’t help kill off small print-based literary journals (you can find many of them listed at the wonderful site, But I also point out that we librarians can play a role in moving print journals online, and I make a pitch for open access.

I think exception-handling distinguishes librarianship as a profession (versus simply a trade); our ability to understand when one size does not fit all — and why that is, and whether or not that square peg should be “fixed” or left alone, or the hole shaved to make it fit — sets us apart as information professionals. We wield a lot more power than we realize, and I’d like to see us use that power wisely.

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