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Thursday’s Talk: Slides, Brags, and Yes, It Went Well

Last Thursday’s presentation to the Stanford weenies went really well. (Plus that evening I attended a dinner at the Stanford Faculty Club where Bob Metcalfe gave a very funny speech while Vinton Cerf jokingly heckled him, and aren’t you jealous?)

For my talk, I used a 24-slide Powerpoint that only had text at the very beginning and the very end. The 22 slides in between were photographs of people using libraries. I offer you the presentation with the warning that it’s 33 megabytes. Meanwhile, PUBLIB denizen Courtney Stephens established a Flickr tag for libraryinteriors, and I uploaded a couple of photos from the presentation with that tag.

I’d like to upload pictures to the libraryinteriors category by the bucket–I have been taking pictures of library interiors for a decade–but my digitized-from-film photo backfile is all in the proprietary .SFW format used by Photoworks (formerly known as Seattle Film Works). I loaded eight of the rolls on my external hard drive, and may press on to do the rest, as well, so that I could do a mass conversion. (Are Episcopalians allowed to do those?)

I’d like to summarize my take-aways from Cerf’s keynote last Thursday, but it has taken me at least four days to figure out what I carried from his brilliant and inspiring presentation, plus I’ve had essay deadlines, housecleaning, and BlogHer in between, so I’ll have to attend to that post this evening. Right now I’m off to get MySQL training so I can be smarter on the forthcoming MPOW. (I can create exactly one query–where X is something and Y is null–which is useful for catching things-with-empty-fields. However, this one-trick pony needs to get ready for the big ring. No, I don’t have People to create those queries for me. I am the People.)

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