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My defrag talk

My voice-over for this talk included a few facts about community colleges and libraries, plus a mention of Six Degrees of Francis Bacon, a game I learned from Andy Havens of OCLC. Using WorldCat Identities, I can get from David Weinberger to Francis Bacon in four steps!

(Also, the Flickr tag data is courtesy of Tom Reamy’s talk at Internet Librarian last week… and I have used the data about Library of Congress so much it almost feels like mine, though I did hear LoC present this info at a talk this summer.)

A nice group, though I’m very, very happy to be through with my presentation! I think it’s so important for us to talk outside our traditional domains — invigorates our points of view, and gives us the “embed experience.”

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  1. kate wrote:

    Great slides *and* a recipe for Pfeffernusse? This is the blog post to beat all blog posts! i may have to borrow the “folksonomies grow good metadata” line!

    Wednesday, November 7, 2007 at 5:28 pm | Permalink

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