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Wait, I Could Have Had a Sinecure?

Imagine, all this time I’ve been working my behind off in library jobs, and I could have spent it reclining on a chaise-lounge reading fat novels? Or so says LSSI, the library-outsourcing company, in a deliciously slurpy quote for the New York Times: “A lot of libraries are atrocious,” Mr. Pezzanite said. “Their policies are […]

USAA, MasterCard, Avis, the Bill Collector, and Moi

In the end, I don’t think I “lost” or “won.” USAA was very nice to me, and I even got a nice letter and phone call from MasterCard. Avis pretended to be in the cloakroom the whole time. Probably the best moment (if a year of wandering in the bureaucratic gulag has best moments) was […]

USAA Update

So I’m a little tired tonight and this will be brief, but the Consumerist gave me some web-time, USAA’s social-software team responded, and I had a nice preliminary talk with someone today. I really only want two things: I want my credit rating cleaned up, and I want this all to stop. Now, full disclosure, […]

Dear USAA, Mastercard, and Bill Collector…

Or as I think of you at the moment, Larry, Moe, and Curly… Yes, I will immediately send $641 to the collection agency to settle my “debt.” But in the meantime I will use my bully pulpit to vent about a year of being jerked around. First of all, I have a great credit rating […]

The WEST Project: The First Shoe Drops for the Big Shift

Centralized mass storage for legacy print materials (paper-based books and journals) is by far the most under-observed trend in libraries today, so I was delighted to receive a memo from SCELC, the innovative consortium my library belongs to, outlining SCELC’s work with the WEST regional storage project and adding, “please also feel free to share […]

Reclaiming Space

I think my theme for August is reclaiming space. Moving back to San Francisco reclaimed my city for me; even if we move along later (as may well happen when we eventually sell the house in Florida), I feel I have reattached myself to my hometown in a way that has been restorative and regardless […]

OCLC in the headlights

A brief update before heading to Apple HQ for the first-ever meetup of NorCal  SCELC members. I have more to say about OCLC (including that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the OCLC board of trustees–I don’t know how anyone got that idea), but not much time to do […]

OCLC’s Crisis Moment

Innovative Interfaces and its joined-at-the-hip cataloging-company SkyRiver have teamed up to sue OCLC for monopolistic practices. I read the complaint end-to-end today and you can read my somewhat tame, won’t-you-be-my-neighbor assessment on the Chronicle of Higher Ed. My more passionate, from-the-heart assessment: OCLC is a galumphing behemoth, often clumsily distant from its own kith and […]

How I Spent My Summer Staycation

We did a true staycation, and I’ll work backwards and say that at the end of it I had two very satisfying personal writing days while Sandy has been off at continuing ed. I was going to take one writing day, but it was so relaxing and productive, and I feel so comfortable about MPOW, […]

Lucky gal

This is a general catch-up post prompted by the number of people I ran into at ALA who asked, “How ARE you?” in that very pregnant manner that means, so, is your life still screwed up? And no disrespect to people who enriched our lives during the Florida Experiment — I particularly miss my writing […]