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New Intellectual Freedom Award

I am pleased to announce that following unanimous vote by the California Library Association Executive Committee, CLA has a new award. The Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award honors Zoia Horn, “who in 1973 chose to serve time in jail rather than betray confidential patron information.”

The award statement continues, “Ms. Horn’s experience sets an example of integrity over personal comfort, and has been a model discussed in library literature and shared with generations of library students everywhere. A key goal of the Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award is to celebrate and honor other selfless examples of commitment to intellectual freedom that help preserve free speech in an open society.”

Californian individuals, groups, and organizations are eligible for this award; the award seeks to recognize “significant contributions to intellectual freedom in California,” but the scope of impact may be broader. This award may be awarded annually (but there is no requirement to do so in years when no outstanding candidate is available). Nominations are made by the state IFC by November 1, and the award will be announced at the annual conference.

This award–the product of a year of effort by the state IFC–is another way we in our profession can thank the risk-takers and leaders who help fight for the right to read.

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