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Pumpkins, Santa Fe

Pumpkins, Santa Fe

Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian.

We had a wonderful long weekend visiting my mother in Santa Fe. Food, touring, more food, more touring, green chili, red chili… we stuffed the suitcases with vittles from Jackelope and Trader Joe’s, and brought home some pretty earrings, as well. When we weren’t being tourists, we were lounging in the Hotel Santa Fe, reading books and quaffing unassuming pinot noirs in front of a crackling pinon fire.

Flying over Tallahassee with the stadium softly glowing like a nightlight, and then walking into the house with the over-excited cats and the big pile of mail, it felt like home–a beautiful, snug home, the place we live in (even if Trader Joe’s and CostCo haven’t made it here yet).

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