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CLA Con-Grunt: Meetings ‘n’ Stuff

Members of the IFC chatted up some key issues this morning that are just too good to leave behind at the conference…

First, committees need more than an hour to meet. We barely got through introductions before the meeting time was over. We may have to self-start this issue ourselves next year, by intentionally choosing to meet longer and/or at a different time than the one-hour slot, but the point is very well taken.

Second, roundtables and committees need to meet at different times. And that doesn’t even get into helping CLA members understand the distinction between roundtables and committees. The IFRT has been dormant for years in part because of this problem. And when roundtable members DO show up, far too much of the meeting is spent explicating the RT/committee distinction. (This is far from just a CLA problem. I saw it in NYLA and it happens in ALA as well.)

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