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Category Archives: CLA Shenanigans

Such Long Legs I Have…

The annual state conference is not quite over, but I needed to get back after the exhibits closed, so I’m home again, home again, higgledy-pig, after a weekend of grip and grins with hundreds of happy Californians. Caught a flight out of Burbank last night at 5 p.m., four hours earlier than I had planned […]

CLA’s Blog: Being There

As Sarah “Librarian in Black” Houghton has noted, there’s a kerfuffle over on CALIX, the list of the California Library Association, about the new CLA blog. When the blog debuted, some of us noted the links to the RSS feeds were missing. (The feeds work fine, as you’ll see if you drop into your […]

She Who LAFs Last…

Here’s Roberto Esteves, reunited with his Action Figure! Be sure to read on… Bookmark to:

CLA Con-Grunt: Meetings ‘n’ Stuff

Members of the IFC chatted up some key issues this morning that are just too good to leave behind at the conference… Bookmark to:

CLA Con-Grunt: THEFT of Librarian Action Figure

A display case featuring the Librarian Action Figure, which Califa is selling at a discount, was stolen overnight from the Califa booth (502) at the CLA convention. How pathetic can you get? If you have any information about this theft, post a comment or write me privately at kgs [at] If you are the […]

LAF Liberated

In a late-morning rescue action, Roberto Esteves and I tracked down and released the Librarian Action Figure and her display case from where she had been held in captivity in a nearby booth. Thanks to all of you who shared your concern and support with us during this difficult period. Bookmark to:

Six Degrees of David Brin

Have something to say about David Brin? I’m introducing him as a speaker at the Sunday, November 16 membership meeting at our annual state conference. In the spirit of Transparent Society, the book that earned him this speaking engagement, I’m going to Google him and run him through databases and maybe even try to look […]