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Six Degrees of David Brin

Have something to say about David Brin? I’m introducing him as a speaker at the Sunday, November 16 membership meeting at our annual state conference.

In the spirit of Transparent Society, the book that earned him this speaking engagement, I’m going to Google him and run him through databases and maybe even try to look up his kindergarten class…

Of course, I first searched–we have some author sites, but I was pretty sure his wasn’t there. (The spell-checker responded: “brin was not found — try these words: brain brian brien bring”)

Then, naturally, I googled him to find his official Web site, which includes an impressive (and very California-flavored) bio.

I’m already liking the guy. He’s as nervous about blogging as I am. It feels like literary barebacking (oh dear–did I say that in public?). But I’m a little worried, because the talk is just over a week away and I’ve only read Postman. This guy is no one-trick pony; he must have titanium arms, because he’s been flailing at keyboards for over two decades.

Oh, hey, he’s written a lot of short fiction. I know! I’ll read a couple of stories and spice up my intro with a well-placed reference or two.

Back to Google… and then, on to the value-added databases! Wonder if a trip to Bancroft would be worth it?

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