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A Dissident and a Magazine

Great article in the New York Times, about Claudia Marquez Linares, an independent journalist in Cuba whose husband was one of the dissidents jailed in the spring 2003 crackdown.

I know in Libraryland we care so very, very much about censorship and intellectual freedom. I’m intrigued by Umansky’s reference to “De Cuba,” which Umansky calls a “samizdat” publication:

“After the crackdown claimed much of the staff, [Marquez] tried to keep the publication alive. With help from another nonincarcerated editor, Tania Quintero, they cobbled together an issue that focused on the prisoners. Marquez and Quintero kept the original editors listed on the magazine’s masthead, putting next to their names

Wouldn’t you like to read a translated copy of that magazine? I would.

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